Adani Green Energy Limited- 370% Return in One Year

Adani Green Energy Limited


  • Introduction
  • Recent News
  • Exponential Moving Average Price
  • Financial Analysis
  • Returns Over the Year
  • Shareholding Pattern
  • Should You Invest Right Now?
  • Conclusion


Adani Green Energy Limited is the largest renewable energy company in India. Company has planted 5,290 MW plant in India. Adani Green Energy is dedicated to providing a better, cleaner and greener to India. 

Adani Green’s main clients are central government and state government, they directly supply their generated electricity to them.

Key Notes:

Adani Green power

AdaniGreen power

Recent News: 

Currently, the company has made its new high of Rs 193 and hit the upper circuit of 5% in a row. Last week, the stock price of Adani Green House has rallied 29 per cent after the announcement of the company has commissioned a 75MW wind power project.

Recently, the company has crossed the market-cap of 30,131 crores and become India’s 95th largest company.

Exponential Moving Average Price:

Adani return chart

Here, we can see that there are four lines in this graph. Each line represents the moving average of days. First-line represents the last 200 days moving average, the second line 150 days, third line 50 days and the last line represents the 5 days, I am considering the lowest line as the first line.

Moving average basically is the calculated average price of last ……. days. This helps us to check the price moment of a particular stock. If the average moving price is increasing order then it shows the positive trend in stock and vice-versa.

Here, if we will focus on the average moving price then the price of Adani green energy limited is in a positive trend. The stock price is increasing in a positive manner, especially in the last three months stock has given 214% per cent return.     

Financial Analysis:

Market Cap:  30123 Cr.

Current Price:  192.60

52 weeks High / Low  192.65. / 30.05

Book Value:  12.36

Stock P/E: 915.65

Dividend Yield: 0.00 %

ROCE: 4.63 %

ROE: -43.43 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 00.0 %

  • Company has not distributed any dividend in the last one year
  • P/E Ratio is extremely high that is not considered as a good one 


Compounding Sales Growth

Compounding Profit Growth

Stock Price CAGR

Return on Equity

10 Years

Not Available



5 Years




3 Years




The major financial parameters are missing of Adani green energy limited just because the company has recently listed on Indian stock exchange.

Return Over the Year:

adani green energy return chart

Here, the chart of Adani green power tells the whole story itself. We can see that how the price has started increasing in the last few months and stock is hitting daily upper circuit on a daily basis.

Adani Green Energy Limited Return Chart: In the chart, we have mentioned the return over the year on the basis of Day, Week, Month, Quarter and  Year with per cent return that you can see in the graph. It is clearly visible in this graph that the stock price has surged 214.071%  in just 3 months and 370.33% return in one year.

Shareholding Pattern:


No. of shares





Foreign Institutions



Foreign Promoters



General Public






Financial Institutions



NBFC and Mutual Funds




Shareholding pattern changes over the period of time and this is the current shareholding pattern of Adani Green Energy Limited. The company’s shareholding pattern is not so diversified and only six categories are there otherwise everything is okay with their shareholding pattern but the problem is that the company’s promoters have pledged their major portion of shares.

Should You Invest Right Now?

Adani Green power chart rsi

In this graph, there is a shaded region and a line is also moving along with it, this is called RSI(Relative Strength Index). The basic role of the RSI is that it shows the opportunity of buying and selling the stock. If the line is going the outside of the shaded region in the upper side then analyst suggests that this is not the right time to buy this stock. Because during this period stock is considered as an overbought zone that means every people is preferring to buy this stock. 

Then why you should not buy the stock when stock is oversold zone. The reason is simple, most of the market expert suggests that this is not the right way of value investing because this time stocks are available at higher than their real price. So, you should prefer to buy the stock when they are inside the shaded region.

Note: While the market expert suggests that you should not buy the stocks when they are in the oversold zone but this stock is in oversold zone since last three months but the major increment has been seen in last three months. So, it also depends upon the situation and news in the market and what will be its impact? 


Finally, If you will ask me about your investment in this stock then I will suggest you wait for the opportunity. This time Adani Green Energy Limited is trading at high value and relative strength index is showing it is in the overbought zone. So, you should wait for the time when the price will come down. Adani Green Energy is no doubt is a good company and its future is also bright the reason is green energy. We all know every economy is more focused on renewable energy than traditional energy. And the company is also expanding its businesses over India. So, this company will definitely grow in future.

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